More Korra book signing drawings for friends! 

Legend of One Piece on the top for the awesome Christie Tseng. (the seductive Bolin in front of Zoro/Mako by the amazing Ang Sung!! Sorry my drawing got all up in space..) 

Gundam Tenzincorn on the bottom for the great Niuner AKA William Niu


Some sketches drawn this month for Korra crew. (Taken with my cellphone under dubious lighting conditions.)

  • Tengen Toppa Legend of Korra for William (did you see his amazing Tenzin mashup?!)
  • excited Bolin for our Nick artist program winner, Lane Garrison
  • my response to Eugene’s effn amazing Legend of Titan mashup.
  • Bolin cosplaying Sasuke for my storyboard artist Natasha! (She loves Sasuke and she loves Bolin. ^__^ The choice was obvious.)
  • and a Bolin in space for my fellow AD Owen

My fuuuverite attack on titan fan art =D 

Did a drawing for the great Olga Ulanova

The Legend of Titan

korra la kill? for Mr. Owen Sullivan

Tenzin La Kill on a post it. 

Did a little drawing for my awesome coworker and friend, Natasha!

Girlin, Moeko, and Korr-man. 

I can’t wait for my friend to find this on his computer tomorrow.. hehehe. 

Tenzin La Kill. 




It seems like the entire storyboard crew has slowly been infected by Attack On Titan fever. Eugene’s cube wall is but one more symptom.

On that day, Korra crew received a grim reminder. 

And that day was Tuesday. 


Female Titan

We can’t forget the Female Titan!!  Heh heh heh.

peek a boo ~ 


Hey everyone, the network decided to move the show to a later time slot, now on FRIDAYS AT 8:30PM. The premieres are doing well against overall cable, but that earlier time slot is pretty much a ratings graveyard so the numbers are down compared to Book 1. I never worry about this stuff too much, but obviously the network needs to. (I’m not sure why they moved it from Saturday mornings in the first place, where it was doing quite well, but there is usually some larger plan in place.)

Whatever the case, the episodes are still flying off the virtual shelves on iTunes and watched a lot on They always seem to find people eventually, which is what matters most to me (hopefully they’ll patch things up with Netflix or find some comparable digital streaming outlet soon). But I would hate for people to get confused and frustrated this Friday night if they don’t know about the change, so I’m trying to help get the word out. Thanks!

brewed some bad (amazing) jokes with cteez...

  • Q: What did the kawaii cow say?
  • A: MooOOooooooo-e~
  • Q: What did the tsundere sheep say?
  • A: b..baaaaaaAAaaaaAa~ka.
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