feelreds asked: another great red lotus piece. love it!

Thanks! I plan on doing more whenever I have the time. The Red Lotus backstory is a fun area to explore! 

new-age-air-nomad asked: I really like your designs for the young Red Lotus :)

Thank you! Glad you like them : ) 

Haven’t done anything with color in a while.. Decided to experiment with color with young P’li and Zaheer! 

A young Ghazan and Ming Hua (with arms)! I imagined Ming Hua to lose her arms at some point between this drawing and the Legend of Korra timeline. Losing her arms changes a jovial Ming Hua to the dark and deadly Ming Hua we all know. But this also pushes her water bending skills above and beyond. 

I was tempted to give Ghazan a mustache.. but I refrained.. Bolin is silly.. hahaha 


Late night coloring.  I’m aaaaalmooost done with this illustration.11x17 

My good friend and talented artist, Kenji Ono, finally started a tumblr! The page features amazing artwork and visual process for Nora and Beta, a children’s book he’s developing and working on. 

Kenji is currently a storyboard artist at DreamWorks animation. He also worked on Avatar the Last Airbender, Generator Rex, Turbo Fast, Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness, DreamWorks Dragons— in other words: Go check out his tumblr and show some love for the talented guy!! Nora and Beta is going to be amazing! 

Been wanting to draw some Book 3 fanart for some time!  Can’t believe theres two more episodes left! What a quick season..! 

Anyways.. here’s kid versions of P’li and Zaheer!! I imagined they’d always wreak havoc together each other even as kids.. I love their characters so much! 

osatosmind asked: Great work on Episode 11 of book 3!! One of the best fight scenes this season are in there!!! :D

Thank you!! I’ve been super excited for this episode to air, and I feel so lucky to have worked on this episode! A shoutout to olgaulanova! She helped me with this massive fight sequence! Couldn’t have done it without her. Book 3 is the best!!!  

A Sasuke/Korra crossover request for my buddy, misterforgetful!! Sorry for the long wait.. been so busy! 




TOMORROW: Don’t miss two brand new episodes of Korra, starting at 7/6c on Nick!

Hey! I directed episode 5, which features the Korra debut of kickass storyboard artist Eugene Lee, or misterunagi;in tumblrspeak. He boarded the shot used as the thumbnail above, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff in the show. Along with character acting specialist Natasha Wicke (she was responsible for a ton of the great acting details you’ll notice throughout episodes I directed, as well as some great action stuff) and Will Ruzicka, who did some funny Mako acting (which is pretty rare, right?) and put in a ton of hard work on a very difficult fight at the end of the show, my book 3 crew kicked all kinds of ass. I can say “ass,” right? Please don’t unfollow me because I said ass

I hope you guys like it! I thought Anne Heche did a great job as Su, and I think you’ll like getting introduced to rest of the metal clan. I mean, you and I have known each other for a while now. It’s fair to say I know your tastes, right? You’re gonna like it, I bet. For sure.

If you have any questions about the episode, send ‘em to my ask box and I’ll do my best to remember the answers. I finished my part on this episode like FOREVER ago, so remembering is an effort.

I forgot to mention my wonderful Assistant Director, Olga Ulanova. I think I left her out of the crew mentions because she was management level rather than crew level, but she did a ton of work getting everything in shape and adding tons of great stuff throughout Book 3 and Book 4. 

Team 2!! The first episode I worked on, episode 5, will be airing this Friday! I feel so lucky and grateful to have worked on this episode with amazing artists! 

Thank you Colin for all the shoutouts! 

Korra Book 3!!!!! Banzai! 





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It’s official — Book 3 of Korra premieres next Friday at 7PM. Please help spread the word! The first three episodes will air that night. So happy to finally be able to share the episodes with everyone!

The news broke while I was on a plane! It’s going to be a Korra summer!

Boom!! Love this book! Everyone please tune in next week!!!

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